Computational Pattern Recognition of Striation Patterns on Fired Cartridge Cases and Chisel Striation Patterns

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Petraco, Nicholas D., New York NY; Gambino, Carol J., Brooklyn NY; McLaughlin, Patrick, New York NY; Petillo, Gerard, Meriden CT; Kuo, Loretta, New York NY; Kammerman, Frani, New York NY; Shenkin, Peter, New York NY; Willie, Elisabeth, New York NY; Kammrath, Brooke W., West Haven CT; Purcell, Dale K., West Lafayette IN; Diaczuk, Peter J., State College PA; De Forest, Peter R., Ardsley NY; Hamby, James E., Indianapolis IN; Kubic, Thomas, Northport NY; Petraco, Nicholas, Massapequa Park NY; Pizzola, Peter A., Jefferson Valley NY