Postmortem Tissue Distribution of U-47700 Following Lethal Intoxication and Novel Scheduling in the State of Ohio

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Lavins, Eric S., Cleveland OH; Clyde, Cassandra L., Houston TX; Rohde, Douglas E., Cleveland OH; Shanks, Kevin G., Indianapolis IN; Soni, Chetan H., Mogadore OH; Brooker, Ian T., Cleveland OH; Reed, Erin C., Columbus OH; Kucmanic, John J., Cleveland OH; Worrell, Erin M., Denver CO; Lemmerbrock, Leslie E., Cleveland OH; Fowler, Megan E., Cleveland OH; Felo, Joseph A., Cleveland OH; McCollum, Andrea, Cleveland OH; Engelhart, David A., Mogadore OH; Schueler, Harold E., Cleveland OH; Gilson, Thomas P., Cleveland OH