The Virtual Crime Scene: The Role of 3D Motion Capture and 3D Model Buildings for the Reconstruction of Dynamics and Reproduction of Settings in a Case of Murder

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Digital & Multimedia Sciences
Aquila, Isabella, Catanzaro ITALY; Raffaele, Roberto, Crotone ITALY; Gratteri, Santo, Catanzaro ITALY; Manca, Alfredo, Crotone ITALY; Aquila, Giuseppe Ivan, Crotonw ITALY; Capoccia, Giuseppe, Crotone ITALY; Vozza, Manolo, Crotone ITALY; Rocca, Antonio, Crotone ITALY; Gagliano, Salvatore, Crotone ITALY; Sacco, Matteo A., Catanzaro ITALY; Ricci, Pietrantonio, Catanzaro ITALY