In Vitro Experiments Using Human Cadaver Head Hairs to Investigate the Formation Mechanism of Postmortem Hair Root Bands (PMRBs)

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Fleming, Jamie N., Baltimore MD; Castillo, Hilda S., Baltimore MD; Drummond, Ernest J., Philadelphia PA; Jabbour, Rabih, APG MD; Deshpande, Samir, Belcamp MD; Steadman, Dawnie W., Knoxville TN; Meadows Jantz, Lee, Knoxville TN; Hauther, Kathleen, Knoxville TN; Hietpas, Jack, Elgin IL; Shaw, Stephen D., Quantico VA; Buscaglia, JoAnn, Quantico VA; Eckenrode, Brian, Quantico VA; Donfack, Joseph, Quantico VA