AAFS 2024: Call for Papers Opens Next Week!

The abstract submission process for the AAFS 76th Annual Scientific Conference opens May 22!

The Program Committee for the AAFS 76th Annual Scientific Conference welcomes all submissions of quality, relevance, and interest to the forensic science community, centering on the ideals behind this year's theme, "Justice for All."

AAFS President C. Ken Williams detailed the ideals behind this year's conference theme:

"Justice for all is worthy of reminder. Justice for all, regardless of race, gender, age, religion, disability, affectional or sexual orientation, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or any other factor that leads to bias or discrimination. Justice for all! Justice for the alleged victim, the putative suspect or defendant, and the families of all parties involved. We, as an organization and a community, must promote justice for all through forensic science. I fully understand that we are not a social activist organization. However, it is the vision of this multidisciplinary professional organization to promote justice for all through forensic science and the work we perform on a regular, if not daily, basis. That must be the goal of the entire forensic science community and this is our reminder."

Access to the AAFS Abstract Submission Portal will be through your AAFS Account starting the afternoon of Monday, May 22. When you log in, please click the "Submit an Abstract" button to get started.

The deadline for abstract submissions (except YFSF Poster submissions) is August 1. The deadline for YFSF Poster submissions is October 1.

The 76th Annual Scientific Conference will take place February 19-24, 2024, in Denver, CO.


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