AAFS Digital & Multimedia Sciences Section—New Student Research Award for 2022

Source: Joseph Levi White, MS, Section Secretary

The AAFS Digital & Multimedia Sciences Section (DMS) is excited to announce a new "Outstanding Student Research Award" that will be added at the 74th Annual Scientific Conference in Seattle in 2022. The Outstanding Student Research Award is designed to recognize and encourage research contributions to the field of digital and multimedia forensic science by collegiate students (either undergraduate or graduate students). The selected research must meet the following criteria:

  1. The research contributes to the current body of knowledge in digital and multimedia forensic science, and/or the research pioneers or develops new techniques or procedures that have widespread acceptance in the digital and multimedia forensic science profession and judicial courts of law.
  2. The research reflects high standards of methodological rigor.
  3. The research must be presented at an Academy conference, either as a presentation or poster, be documented in the conference Proceedings, and both the abstract and the presentation must be exemplary.

All students who are matriculated in a digital or multimedia forensic sciences program (or allied field) and hold membership in the AAFS DMS section at the time of presentation are eligible. Student(s) who do not hold membership in the AAFS DMS section must submit an application for membership concurrently with their abstract submission. This includes all co-authors of the paper.

The AAFS DMS section encourages all eligible students to consider submitting their research for this new award with their abstract for the 2022 Annual Scientific Conference. Any questions can be directed to DMS Section Chair Jason Paroff (jparoff@epiqglobal.com) or DMS Awards Committee Chair Andrew Crouse (acrouse@epiqglobal.com).


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