AAFS Welcomes New FEPAC Accreditation & Outreach Manager



We are excited to welcome Nicole Zevotek to the AAFS Staff. Nicole will serve as the FEPAC Accreditation & Outreach Manager.

Nicole has 20 years of experience working in an accredited forensic organization where she examined crime scene evidence, then supervised and trained scientists, and later served in an administrative and operational capacity over the forensic biology casework laboratory and the New York State DNA Databank. 

Additionally, Nicole has developed materials to support high school students in the exploration of forensic science and her goal is to create a resource and set of accompanying activities that help students narrow in on their natural abilities, vet education pathways, and outline career readiness plans. She believes it is essential to stress the importance of accredited pathways when seeking education/training in preparation for a career in forensic science.

We look forward to Nicole's involvement in our outreach program as well as her efforts to increase the presence of AAFS FEPAC-accredited schools. If you have any questions about accreditation, please reach out to Nicole at nzevotek@aafs.org. 

Welcome, Nicole!


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