Call for Abstracts for a Special Session

Source: Sandra B. Sachs, PhD, Criminalistics Section Chair

The abstract deadline is fast approaching. Abstracts are due by September 1, so make sure you get them submitted in time so you don't miss out!

Within the Criminalistics scientific program next year in Seattle, we want to have a special session jointly with the Anthropology Section showcasing research performed at human decomposition facilities around the world. We would like to target research performed at (or in collaboration with) outdoor human decomposition facilities or using their skeletal collections that is not strictly forensic/physical anthropology related.

These topics may include:

  • DNA/RNA — Human identification, disaster victim identification, sample collection, Rapid DNA, next generation sequencing approaches, external visible traits, forensic genealogy, methylation studies, body fluid identification, etc.
  • Microbiome — Postmortem interval, presence/persistence/transfer of microbiota, etc.
  • Proteome — age, sex, etc.
  • Non-DNA-related research (e.g., chemical/trace/pattern/geological/etc.) from human remains/skeletal material

If you feel you have an interesting paper to submit for this session, please email the Criminalistics Section Program Co-Chair Sheree Hughes directly at after you have submitted your abstract.

Please pass this email to any of your collaborators, students, or other researchers who you think may be interested in presenting a paper on any of these topics so we can get the highest-quality presentations to fill this special session.

Additionally, a special session honoring Jan Bashinski and a popular joint session with Engineering may also be held. If you submit abstracts and would like them to be considered for these potential special sessions, please email Criminalistics Section Chair Sandra Sachs ( after your submission.

Back by popular demand, the section's Believe it or Not! Friday evening session will resume. Entertaining speakers willing to wander into the moderately inane are most welcome to express topic ideas to section leadership. Thank you in advance.


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