Call for General Section Moderators

Source: Brian Clark, MFS, General, Section Program Co-Chair

For those of you in the General Section who need credit toward promotion from Associate Member to Member, we have an opportunity for you to serve as a moderator for the 2024 Annual Conference to be held in-person February 19-24, 2024, in Denver, CO.

We still have some spots available for those interested in a chance to moderate. We need moderators to serve a two-hour block on one of those days during our scientific session. Moderating will be easy and do not forget, you can add it to your resume or CV!

If you are willing to help us fill the moderator spots, please let us know the following information via the Google doc link below:

  1.  Preferred date (morning or afternoon)
  2.  Any specific time you cannot moderate
  3.  Current membership status
  4.  Please let us know if you need this for promotion
  5.  Best contact phone number and email during the 2024 AAFS Meeting

Thanks so much for being willing to help with this important service to the Academy!


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