FEPAC Welcomes New Commissioners

Source: Nancy J. Jackson, FEPAC Accreditation & Outreach Coordinator

At a recent meeting, three new Commissioners were selected to serve on the AAFS Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC). Pursuant to FEPAC Policies & Procedures, the newly elected FEPAC officers meet all requirements outlined. Please refer to FEPAC Policies & Procedures, Policy 2 Accreditation Commission for details.

The positions filled were one Commissioner Academic and one Commissioner Practitioner. Pamela Marshall, Member in the Criminalistics Section, Duquesne University, will be replacing Sarah Seashols Williams, Fellow in the Criminalistics Section, Virginia Commonwealth University as Commissioner Academic. Dustin Tate Yeatman, Fellow in the Toxicology Section will be replacing Jason Schroeder, Fellow in the Criminalistics Section as Commissioner Practitioner. Both officially joined the Commission on January 1, 2024.

Dr. Williams and Mr. Schroeder have served FEPAC as FEPAC Commissioners and have contributed greatly to the advancement of the FEPAC Mission and Goals, overseeing the accreditation process of numerous forensic science programs as well as the development and maintenance of FEPAC standards and its accreditation mission. It is difficult to say goodbye to these extraordinary Commissioners, but their time with FEPAC has not come to an end as they will be called upon to continue serving in various capacities.

Dr. Marshall has served FEPAC as an On-Site Evaluator, program director of the Duquesne University graduate forensic science program, a FEPAC accredited program, and has regularly attended the FEPAC training sessions.  Mr. Yeatman, with 26 years in forensic science and laboratory experience, contributions to organizations such as AAFS, SOFT, and ASCLD, and has experience working with the Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) and the Academy Standards Board (ASB), providing valuable knowledge to the FEPAC accreditation process. Both are familiar with and have knowledge of the FEPAC Standards and Procedures. They are very welcome additions to the FEPAC team.


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