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74th AAFS Annual Scientific Conference | February 21-25, 2022 | Seattle, Washington. | Hybrid Event

The AAFS 2022 Virtual Platform is being hosted through CVENT. This platform is for all annual conference attendees who choose to attend virtually. All in-person attendees will have access to the platform to view presentations they may have missed.

This is a hybrid event. It is different than last year's all-virtual event in that it is like two separate meetings. We have asked each presenter to provide us with a pre-recording of their presentation(s) so the virtual audience may view it at the same time the in-person event is taking place. If you miss the presentation at that time, don't worry; it will immediately become available through the on-demand portal on the platform.

We have some exhibitors who have opted to attend virtually. All in-person exhibitors have the option to add a virtual booth as well.

All meeting attendees and speakers will receive login information directly from CVENT by Monday, February 7, 2022.

Once the platform is open, you will be able to modify your user profile, connect with other attendees, and look around the digital meeting to become familiar with the sessions. In order to access the platform and the app, you will need to have your cell phone or email updated in your registration. A code will be sent to you to login and access the platform.

Remember, all times published in the AAFS Meeting Program are in U.S. Pacific Time.

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