Clyde Snow Award

The American Academy of Forensic Sciences Humanitarian and Human Rights Resource Center (AAFS HHRRC) is soliciting nominees for the Clyde Snow Award to a forensic scientist or organization that has made outstanding contributions to humanitarian action and the global advancement of human rights through the use of forensic science.

Snow Award Call for Nominees

The award recognizes the pioneering contributions of forensic anthropologist Clyde Collins Snow (1928-2014) in the application of forensic science to human rights. Dr. Snow helped catalyze the development of forensic science to support human rights throughout Latin America and around the world. His career accomplishments present an extraordinary model for forensic scientists to reflect upon.

Candidates for this award (individuals or organizations) may be nominated by a member of the Academy or others of the international forensic science community. Selection criteria will focus on the sustained body of work in humanitarian forensic science accumulated over the course of a professional career or an organization's existence. The Award is not specifically intended for any single contribution in the forensic sciences but is intended to recognize a sustained effort in the global application of forensic science to human rights investigations and humanitarian action.

Nominations should be directed to the Chair of the HHRRC Committee, Dr. Dawnie Steadman at by May 31, 2022 and be accompanied by a current copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae or the organization's founding documents and/or any relevant supporting documentation. The Award will be presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Clyde Snow Awardees