In Memoriam—Robert G. Williams, DDS

Source: Robin Ainsworth, DDS, Odontology Section Chair

It is with sadness we let you know that Dr. Robert (Bob) G. Williams (Retired Fellow, Odontology) passed away on July 1, 2022, at the age of 70.  Here are some thoughts from fellow forensic odontologists:

"Bob was a tough nut . . . outspoken, opinionated, and did not tolerate fools. He was also kind, generous, compassionate, and a smart and capable forensic odontologist. DMORT deployments with Bob were never uneventful and when assigned as a roommate, you made sure it was only once. In spite of his idiosyncrasies, Bob was a good guy and a dear friend. Rest in peace, my brother, I'll miss you. Team Buffalo Trace lives on!"    –Peter W. Loomis

"Bob was a colleague and friend. Fiercely proud of being a Texan and son of the Stars and Bars, as witnessed by his participating in numerous re-enactments as a Brigade Surgeon. His collection of civil war surgical instruments would be the envy of any military museum or medical school. His banter and good nature will stay with me and other friends forever. Ride that Harley into a new sunrise. Deep sympathy to Kelly and all in his family."  –John (Jack) P. Kenney


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