About the Journal of Forensic Sciences

JFS was introduced in 1956 and has since released over 67 volumes and hundreds of issues, which has ultimately established itself as the leading resource in forensic science. Thus, making it the number one benefit of AAFS membership. Your membership grants you free access, and student affiliates of the Academy are granted a discounted yearly digital subscription. 


To be the most impactful multidisciplinary journal globally for forensic science.


To advance forensic science research, education, and practice by publishing peer-reviewed articles of the highest quality and impact.

JFS receives several hundred submissions annually from forensic scientists in more than sixty-five countries worldwide. Its author base is both AAFS members and non-members. After double-blind peer review, accepted articles are published in JFS with the assistance of its publisher (Wiley).

JFS is available in numerous academic and nonacademic libraries, either as a single journal or included in specialized bundles focused on the forensic sciences. As a result, its readership is expanded to a broad forensic science community beyond the membership of AAFS.

JFS Core Competencies

  • Publishes relevant, high quality, original, and cutting-edge research across multiple forensic science disciplines.

    • JFS receives manuscripts from all over the world for consideration for publication as Critical Reviews, Papers, Technical Notes, and Case Reports. These manuscripts cover the breadth and multidisciplinary nature of forensic science. Only relevant, original, and cutting edge research is accepted for publication, ensuring its readership consistent publication of high quality articles.
  • Publishes articles in a timely manner with rigorous peer review.

    • All manuscripts considered by JFS undergo a rigorous double-blind peer review by subject matter experts from either the Editorial Board or a large pool of Guest Reviewers. The peer review process is completed in a timely manner, with feedback provided to the reviewers and authors by the Editorial Office.
  • Disseminates forensic science research globally to improve forensic science and justice.

    • JFS receives manuscripts for consideration from every continent and is available worldwide, either through the AAFS website or that of its publisher (Wiley). This enables forensic scientists from across the globe to access published articles and, in turn, advances forensic science research, education, and practice, while building bridges between the scientific and legal communities. 
  • Uses quality peer reviewers from a broad range of disciplines and academic research institutions.

    • The JFS Editorial Board includes members from all eleven AAFS Sections, each of them recognized as subject matter experts in their field. JFS also uses a large pool of Guest Reviewers to supplement the efforts of the Editorial Board Members. The Guest Reviewers are also recognized as subject matter experts, often in an academic discipline that provides the necessary basic science expertise for cutting-edge forensic science research.
  • Managed by an experienced and dedicated team in cooperation with an international publisher.

    • The management team of JFS and the nine Associate Editors are all experienced in the forensic sciences and the publishing of scientific journals. The Editorial Office provides smooth functioning of JFS operations, and works closely with the publisher of JFS (Wiley) to ensure on time publication and access to JFS.

JFS Leadership

Michael A. Peat, PhD

Journal of Forensic Sciences

Marta Concheiro-Guisan, Pharm.D., Ph.D.

Associate Editor
Dr. Concheiro-Guisan-JFS-editorial-board

Corinne L. Fligner, M.D.

Associate Editor
Forensic Pathology

Brooke Kammrath, Ph.D.

Associate Editor
Trace Evidence
Brooke Kammrath, Ph.D.

Douglas S. Lacey, M.S.

Associate Editor
Digital & Multimedia Sciences

Daniel A. Martell, Ph.D.

Associate Editor
Psychiatry & Behavioral Science
Daniel A. Martell, Ph.D.

Iain A. Pretty, D.D.S., Ph.D.

Associate Editor
Iain A. Pretty, D.D.S., Ph.D.

Mechthild K. Prinz, Ph.D.

Associate Editor
Forensic Biology
dr. prinz-jfs

Ann H. Ross, Ph.D.

Associate Editor

Ruth Waddell Smith, Ph.D.

Associate Editor
Forensic Chemistry

Brenda K. Peat

JFS Managing Editor