Posting of unreviewed manuscripts to a community preprint server by the author(s) will not be considered prior publication, provided that the following conditions are met:

  1.  During submission, author(s) must acknowledge preprint server posting in the cover letter and provide the link to that posting. They must also provide any reference citations and/or DOIs. If the author(s) fail to declare that there is a preprint during the initial submission process, it may be a reason for rejection.
  2.  Versions of the manuscript that have been revised and/or edited based on the revision process cannot be posted on preprint sites.
  3.  The preprint cannot itself have been indexed in PubMed or MEDLINE.
  4.  Upon publication, the author(s) are responsible for updating the archived preprint with a DOI and link to the published version of the article.

Community preprints can be cited in the References at the discretion of the EIC and/or Associate Editor.

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