JFS does not consider for publication a manuscript on work that has already been reported in a published paper, or that is described in a paper submitted or accepted for publication elsewhere in print or on-line.

This policy does not preclude consideration of a paper that has been rejected by another journal or of a complete report that follows publication of a preliminary report, usually in the form of an abstract. Nor does it prevent consideration of a paper that has been presented at a scientific meeting if not published in full in proceedings or similar publication.

Press reports of the meeting will not usually be considered as breaches of this rule; however, additional data or copies of tables and illustrations should not amplify such reports.

When submitting a paper, an author should always make a full statement to the EIC about all submissions and previous reports that might be regarded as prior or duplicate publication of the same or very similar work. Copies of such material should be included as an appendix file with the submitted paper to help the EIC decide how to deal with the matter.

Multiple publication – that is, the publication more than once of the same study, irrespective of whether the wording is the same – is rarely justified. Secondary publication in another language is one possible justification, providing the following conditions are met: (1) the EIC(s)/Editor(s) of both journals concerned are fully informed; the EIC/Editor concerned with secondary publication should have a printed or electronic copy of the primary version, (2) the priority of the primary publication is by a publication interval of at least two weeks, (3) the paper for secondary publication is written for a different group of readers and is not simply a translated version of the primary paper; an abbreviated version will often be sufficient, (4) the secondary version reflects faithfully the data and interpretations of the primary version, and (5) a footnote on the title page of the secondary version informs readers, peers, and documenting agencies that the paper was edited, and is being published, for a national audience in parallel with a primary version based on the same data and interpretations. A suitable footnote might read as follows: "This article is based on a study first reported in the [title of journal, with full reference]."

Multiple publication other than as defined above is unacceptable. If authors violate this rule, the EIC reserves the right to bar them from further submissions to JFS.

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